Expert Jewelry Appraisal Services at Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair

At Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair, we understand the actual value of your jewelry goes far beyond its sparkle and shine. Jewelry holds sentimental, historical, and financial significance that deserves recognition. That’s where a jewelry appraisal comes in.

What is a Jewelry Appraisal?

A jewelry appraisal is a detailed document that describes your precious item, assesses its relative quality, and assigns a value to it. Our experienced team at Fast-Fix employs leading technology and GIA Graduate Gemologists to provide you with comprehensive appraisals. These appraisals encompass the visible, measurable, and analyzable facts about your jewelry, including weight, materials, and markings. 

Additionally, our expert appraisers evaluate subjective features such as gemstone quality, rarity, and overall craftsmanship. 

Written Jewelry Appraisals

Fast-Fix takes pride in offering written jewelry appraisals using the latest technology and the expertise of GIA Graduate Gemologists. Whether you require an appraisal for insurance purposes or personal use, we provide you with a meticulous, expert review of your jewelry. Our commitment to accuracy and professionalism ensures you receive the most reliable appraisal possible. 

Insurance Appraisals

How much is your jewelry worth for insurance purposes? We receive this question every day. If your insurance agent has requested an appraisal report to insure your valuable items, Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair is here to assist you. 

Our graduate gemologist will meticulously assess your jewelry and provide you with a professional appraisal report. Don’t wait – schedule your appraisal appointment today to ensure your treasured pieces are adequately protected.

Retail Replacement & Estate Appraisals

Whether you’re looking to sell your jewelry or need a report for estate probate, we have you covered with our retail replacement and estate appraisals.

Retail Replacement Valuation

The most common type of appraisal needed is the retail replacement valuationRetail Replacement Appraisals are essential to sell your jewelry to another individual or online. Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair can provide a comprehensive appraisal that accurately represents your item’s value, making the selling process smoother and more transparent.

An accurate appraisal will include specific details such as metal content, weight, color, clarity, the carat weight of diamonds, and precise identification of gemstones. Additionally, it will feature detailed professional photographs of the item. This level of detail is crucial to ensuring that your insurance company replaces your items as closely as possible. 

In most cases, the replacement item should be an exact replica, crafted using the same materials and construction techniques as the original. An item signed and authenticated has only one replacement source: the original signed source. If the item is irreplaceable, we will determine its current retail market value based on a comparable item.

We recommend having all your jewelry and valuables fully and accurately appraised every 3-5 years to maintain their coverage. Our jewelry appraisal service is comprehensive and tailored to meet your specific needs. 

On the other hand, an estate appraisal is explicitly generated for probating an estate. During these challenging times, you can trust our expert appraisers to thoroughly examine your items and create a detailed report tailored to your needs.

Estate Appraisal

During challenging life events, the last thing you should worry about is the value of the jewelry in the estate. Fast-Fix provides the information you need to move forward with your life. Our team has an innate understanding of the appraisal process and what it entails, ensuring a smooth and professional experience during difficult times.


At Fast-Fix, we believe in providing one-on-one personal consultations with professionals who genuinely care about your needs. If you’ve inherited a substantial collection of estate jewelry, our team can evaluate each piece and discuss various options, including selling or insuring. Whether you possess one piece or an entire estate jewelry collection, we are here to accommodate you.

Integrity & Professional Service

Our decades of professional experience and unwavering integrity provide peace of mind. Fast-Fix is dedicated to producing unbiased, accurate appraisals that reflect the true value of your jewelry. You can trust us to provide you with the expertise and professionalism you deserve.

Trust Fast-Fix for Your Appraisal

Our Designers and Jewelers are Gemological Institute of America Jewelry Accredited Professionals (GIA AJP), ensuring our customers receive personalized and professional service. At Fast-Fix, our expert appraisers will examine and test your jewelry right in front of you, making the appraisal process fast and easy. Your treasured items are in safe hands with us.

Trust Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair for all your jewelry appraisal needs. Schedule your appointment today, and let us provide you with the expert, accurate appraisals you deserve. Your jewelry’s sentimental and financial value is our top priority.